Your Career Coach & Life Coach – Zeta Yarwood

Zeta Yarwood Career Coach and Life Coach DubaiBased in Dubai, Zeta Yarwood is the leading Career Coach and NLP Life Coach in the Middle East. A master in helping people discover their strengths, talents and motivations, Zeta lives to inspire others to dream big and create the life and career they really want.

With a genuine desire to help people and a keen interest in human behaviour, Zeta initially studied Psychology at university. After returning from a gap year volunteering in Africa post university, she found most of her friends were either investment bankers or lawyers – earning way more money than she ever thought she would as a psychologist. With her “ego in tow”, she decided to find a job where she could earn the same as her friends, that would also meet her need to help people. Zeta took a job a financial services recruiter, working for award-winning firms in London and Dubai. Believing she was helping people by securing them their dream jobs. After several years, she succumbed to the realisation that recruitment was more about sales, targets, cold calls and money – and not about helping people at all.  Zeta felt unfulfilled and disappointed with herself – for caring more about what people thought of her than being true to herself and doing something that she was passionate about. With fears of not being experienced or good enough, financial insecurity and ultimately failing, Zeta was too scared to start something new. She was stuck.

What Zeta soon came to realise was that she wasn’t the only one. Many of her friends, colleagues and clients were facing the same problem. They felt trapped in a job that no longer fulfilled them. They were too scared to give up the security of their current job and the fancy title to do something new or follow their dreams. They too had fears of not being good enough, successful enough, smart enough, talented enough, young enough, old enough, pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough. They were also feeling stuck and demotivated. This was not just impacting their performance at work, but also their personal lives and overall state of mind. As the person they confided in, Zeta knew she had a natural ability to listen, brain-storm and advise. She decided to then leave recruitment and go back to her true passion – helping people. And so, Zeta began her training as an NLP Career Coach and Life Coach.

While setting up her coaching business, Zeta simultaneously worked for the CEO of an MNC pharmaceutical company. During this time she obtained a deeper insight into the corporate world and a greater understanding of leadership. Zeta gained significant exposure to all aspects of the business, working closely with the CEO on company strategy development and planning. She managed the strategy project, coached the CEO and restructured and rebuilt an entire department from scratch. She managed and coached a culturally-diverse team, and initiated and led a corporate social responsibility programme. Zeta also had the fortune to work for an incredible CEO who taught her what it was to be a great leader.

With all of this experience, her NLP training and her genuine desire to help people, Zeta now coaches people all over the world to be the best they can be. Zeta feels lucky to have a career and life that she loves. It is her goal to help you, too, have the life, career and success you deserve.


Evolved Life Coach (accredited by Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals)

Evolved NLP Practitioner (FNLPCP accredited)

Evolved NLP Life Coach (FNLPCP accredited)

Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner (FNLPCP accredited)

BSc Psychology from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK