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Career Counselling Services


We all know what the job-hunting process can be like. Exciting, nerve-wracking, frustrating. Sometimes seemingly never-ending. We’ve all been there! To help ease the process for you, Zeta offers first class career counselling services to help you maximise your chances of finding that job you want! From the knowledge gained from 5 years’ of working in the recruitment industry prior to career counselling and life coaching, Zeta will teach you everything you need to know about how to maximise your job-searching efforts, write a great CV, and excel in interviews. She will even show you how to manage those interview nerves!
We offer multiple career counselling services, including CV writing, LinkedIn profile creation and interview coaching. Zeta works with a team of highly qualified CV writers and career counselling professionals who can help you take your career to the next level! To find out more about our services, either check out the list below or contact us here.

CV Writing and CV Consultations

If you are sending out CV after CV but not getting any response there is a chance that you are making one fatal mistake: you are not effectively showing the employer the significant value you can add to their business. Our team can help by either writing a first class CV for you. Or we can show you how to communicate your value in a concise and comprehensive way on your CV in a CV consultation. Employers will be knocking at your door to interview you!

Interview Preparation Coaching

What if you knew exactly what interviewers were looking for in a job interview? Through our interview preparation sessions, you will understand the mindset of a recruiter and hiring manager. From their needs to their expectations and even their fears. From this you will know exactly what to say and how to say it to make the best impression. We offer practice interviews where you will be given feedback and tips on your answers and body language. Helping you to deliver your answers in the most confident, concise and professional way possible.

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

With 90% of recruiters and hiring managers using LinkedIn to find potential hires, having an optimised LinkedIn profile is esstential. Nobody will know your value if they can’t see your value. Our team is here to help you increase your visibility so you get contacted by the right people. And to help you communicate your value effectively so you get selected for the jobs you want. 

Group Workshops

We understand career counselling can be an investment. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in a more cost-effective way – group sessions with your friends or colleagues can be arranged. Please email for more information.


“The career counselling workshop is very helpful. Zeta knows everything under the sun and is very approachable. I’ve learnt a lot. All of the questions I had in my mind about my career were answered during the workshop. Thank you very much!”  Donna, Dubai

“For me the career skills workshop is really well done, all the details are discussed properly. Thank you!”   Ledivina, Dubai

“The career skills workshop is definitely worth attending. It helped us prepare a good and efficient CV that will standout when sent to a potential employer. It also helped us to learn more techniques about attending interview and how to prepare for it.”  Ailyn, Dubai

“It was really nice to attend this workshop. It was really helpful for me to look for an interview in the future”. Sikander, Dubai

“The career skills workshop is really effective. I grabbed a lot of new information, including how to face the interview and how to answer the questions etc. It’s really helpful for my career. Thank you.”  Thameera, Dubai

“Absolutely very helpful for my future career. THANKS!” Ameer, Dubai

“I attended the Interview Coaching session at the DMCC conference. I wanted to thank you for such an amazing session. It was an excellent experience. I really loved your workshop and you are an amazing person to help us all after the session was over. Thank you.” Syed, India