Career Coaching

>  Stuck in a job or career that no longer fulfills you?

>  Want to make a career change but don’t know what, when or how?

>   Not getting promoted and feeling undervalued?

>   Want to discover your real purpose in life?

>   Want to develop your professional behaviour, including communication skills?

>   Frustrated and demotivated by an unsuccessful job search?

No matter what your challenge, career coaching will help you find the solutions and direction you are looking for. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a job you don’t enjoy and want to make a career change. Perhaps you want to get promoted or take your career to the next level. Or maybe you simply want to experience more job satisfaction, or greater success in your job search. Whatever your situation, career coaching can help you gain clarity on where you want to be and how to get there.

Zeta’s career coaching programme will start you on a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the career coaching sessions, you will figure out what’s most important to you in life and your career. You will become more aware of your passions, skills and talents, your strengths and areas for improvement, and ultimately your limitless potential. You will gain a clearer sense of direction and purpose, more confidence, motivation, inspiration and tools to help you overcome any challenges along the way. As your Career Coach, Zeta can help you with:

Career Identification
  • Discover your key motivators, unique talents, strengths and weaknesses to explore the best career options for you
  • Gain a clear and certain sense of direction or purpose and find a job / career that fulfills you
Effective Career / Job Searching
  • Build an effective Job Search Strategy to increase your chances of finding the job you want
  • Recognise your USPs and learn how to market yourself effectively 
  • Develop an outstanding CV, Linkedin profile and interview skills
Greater success in your current career / job
  • Increased self-awareness: recognising any behaviours, attitudes and perceptions that could be standing in your way of success
  • Develop core soft skills and behavioural style for enhanced business relationships, increased recognition and higher chance of promotion
Personal Development
  • Identify any limiting beliefs stopping you from achieving success
  • Reduce the stress surrounding job-searching or changing careers
  • Recognise your limitless potential and build confidence 
  • Create exciting career and personal development goals 

Want to find out more about how career coaching can help you? 

Question – how important is it to be fulfilled in your career?

One key factor to success is fulfilment. It doesn’t matter how much money you are earning, or what your title is. Unless you feel fulfilled in your career, you will spend a large proportion of your time feeling stressed, bored and dissatisfied. And if you have a family, consider the effects that will have on your children when you go home every night. In fact, consider the effects it will have on all of your relationships – personal or professional (including those with your customers). Being unfulfilled is not just bad for you, it is bad for everyone.

Fulfilment in your career comes when you are doing a job that is in alignment with your values. When you achieve this, work becomes enjoyable, satisfying and fun. It doesn’t feel like work at all! And I’m a firm believer that if you are doing something that fulfills you, you will succeed and the money will come.

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